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Hello, I'm Effie.

​Hello, I'm Effie.

My jewellery brand, Effie's Elements is a small independent business nestled in the Isle of Wight, UK. My passion is centred around crafting exquisite sterling silver jewellery, inspired by the breathtaking beauty of nature. Following ten years of travel and self discovery, I came back to my hometown to launch my unique jewellery brand. My journey has exposed me to a myriad of captivating techniques from around the globe, which have shaped and refined my jewellery style. Nature's beauty and the use of natural materials have always been at the heart of my inspiration. Each unique piece serves as a gentle reminder amidst our hectic lives to stay connected to nature and cherish the splendour of our surroundings. Lovingly handcrafted in my cozy studio, every piece of jewellery I create meets the highest standards of quality and artistry.


At Effie's Elements, I am deeply committed to the ethical sourcing of my gemstones. I take immense pride in providing the highest quality gemstones by thoroughly researching their origins, the artisans who shape or cut them, and ensuring they are conflict-free. Through my extensive travels, I have experienced the significance of this approach firsthand. When a stunning gemstone or crystal is obtained from a harmonious source, it emanates a more potent energy and provides greater benefits for the wearer. If you're interested in learning more about this or exploring the healing properties of crystals and gemstones, please feel free to send me a private message.



It's wonderful that you're interested in creating custom jewellery pieces. Your creativity and vision can truly come to life in unique and meaningful ways. At no extra cost, I can guide you through the process of turning your ideas into beautiful metal creations. Whether it's a wedding ring, a thank you trinket, or a birthday piece, there are many ways to reflect your personal style and create something unique and special. Custom-made jewellery is a great way to create something unique and personal that will be cherished for years to come. 

Here at Effie’s Elements I am a reputable jeweller who has experience in creating custom pieces to ensure that you get the best quality and craftsmanship possible. 

Thank you for wandering into the natural haven of Effie's Elements!

I'd be delighted to welcome you into our Facebook and Instagram grove. By becoming part of our flourishing community, you'll be in tune with our newest masterpieces and be among the first to witness the birth of fresh creations from my creative oasis.

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