Hi I'm Effie.

My jewellery brand Effie’s Elements is a small independent business, based in the UK on the Isle of Wight. I specialise in making high-class sterling silver jewellery. After spending 10 years travelling I decided to come back to my hometown and build my jewellery brand. ​As I have learnt more and more fascinating and exciting techniques from around the world, my jewellery style has grown and evolved.

I have always taken my inspiration from the beauty of nature and natural materials. So many of these unique pieces are a beautiful little reminder in the busy lives we lead, to always stay connected to nature and make time to appreciate our beautiful surroundings. Every piece of jewellery I make in my little studio is made with love and to the highest standard possible.


Here at Effie’s elements I am very conscious about the origin of the gemstones I use. I take great pride in supplying the finest quality gemstones doing lots of research finding out where they came from, who cabbed or cut them and if they are conflict free! Doing so much travelling, I have witnessed first hand the importance of this. If a beautiful gemstone or crystal has come from a happy source, then the energy and benefits are so much more powerful for the wearer. Please send me a private message if you would like anymore info on this or interested in crystal/gemstone healing properties.​



Whether it be a custom made wedding ring to reflect your personal style, little trinkets or treasures to say thank you in a special way, or bespoke one off birthday pieces. However big or small, crazy or elaborate the idea is, I am very happy to put your imagination into metal at no NO EXTRA COST.​

Thank you for visiting me here at Effie's Elements

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