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Here at Effie's Elements I offer a jewellery cleaning/polishing service to brighten up old silver and revive tired diamonds and other gemstones. Each piece of jewellery before being given to me must be, hallmarked 925 sterling silver and paid for before being dropped off. This service is the responsibility of the customer to drop off and pick up.

Before any pieces are dropped off please contact me directly on or 07309580390 to ensure they are eligible for this service. 

To clean your jewellery at home I would advise gently washing your pieces with soap and water using a soft bristle brush, then finishing with a polishing silver cloth.

Please Ensure that your jewellery is kept clean and free from - creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, make-up, solvents, bleaches, household chemicals and cleaning products. Some skin produces more oil than others, and can therefore make the silver go black. This is only surface discolouration and can easily be removed with a polishing silver cloth. 

Please Avoid wearing your jewellery when in swimming pools as the chlorine may tarnish the silver. When not wearing, I recommend storing your jewellery in its original packaging or an airtight bag.

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