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Isle of Wight rock hunting!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Anyone that knows me personally knows that my second love just behind jewellery is gemstones, rocks and natural materials. My whole jewellery brand Effie's Elements is centred around natural materials and nature. My inspiration could come from the new buds of spring springing or the rustic natural beach gems and rocks crafted from mother nature herself!

I'm very blessed to call a little island, right at the bottom of England home. This little island is full of amazing natural materials, some of which have to be the hundreds of different types of rocks found on our beaches. These rocks range from natural gold glowing Pyrite to sparkling geodes and everything in between.

I would love to start sharing these beautiful finds with you all, starting with this beauty! This is a natural geode found in the west wight of the island. The magnificent rock was just led there reflecting the sunlight while rolling around in the waves.

I have left the comments on this blog post turned on because I would just love it if any of you wanted to share your pictures of rocks or natural materials you have come across with me.

From one nature lover to another, thanks for tuning in.

Much love x

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