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This beautifully organic ring design draws inspiration from the elegance of ferns.


This adjustable ring design, featuring a radiant Topaz, gracefully wraps around any finger size for a snug and comfy fit. The exquisite piece is hand-carved from wax and cast in the finest sterling silver.


Available with vibrant sky blue Topaz or shimmering bi-color flash Labradorite, this ring serves as a gentle reminder to stay connected to nature amidst our hectic lives.


Healing with Topaz


Communication - Love - Good fortune - Good health - Attraction


Topaz provides soothing, healing, stimulation, recharging, and realignment of the body's meridians, directing energy where needed most. It encourages truth, forgiveness, joy, generosity, abundance, and good health. As a stone of love and good fortune, Topaz eases tension, promotes relaxation, and fosters openness, honesty, self-realization, and self-control. It aids in problem-solving and expression of ideas while stabilizing emotions and increasing receptiveness to love from all sources.

Topaz supports digestion, combats eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, strengthens nerves, and boosts metabolism.

"Wrap me in ferns" Topaz ring

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